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Diagnostic Testing for A.C.E.

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST......these things are important.

1. There are four tests. These cover Maths, English, Literacy and Wordbuilding.

2. Please first contact us about the appropriate level for your child(ren) to begin their testing.

3. When you get to the Diagnostic Testing site, click on the button marked "REGISTER" and set up your own account, with your own username and password  to do these tests.  (It is an international site, separate from us, so don't try and log on with the HSNZ username and password we have given you.)

4. Don't worry about any imperial measurements and U.S. currency in the Maths tests. We know they are there, and your child may freely skip those questions.

5. NO HELP is to be given with the tests. If a child cannot read a question or does not understand it, we need to see that. Also, NO CALCULATOR is to be used with the Maths. (Pen and paper may be used however.)

6. The test results will come back to your email inbox. Please forward a copy of those results to us at 

Click here to access ACE's free online Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing for Math-U-See

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Diagnostic testing for Saxon Maths

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