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"The most important thing is your child..... who are they, how are they "wired", what do they require to get where they need to go, and how can we help in that process?"​

Curriculum & Qualifications

There are different avenues to gaining entry to New Zealand universities and tertiary institutions, but the most popular and acceptable is by gaining a recognised qualification or certificate. 

Home Schooling NZ recommends that for students
at secondary level, families seriously consider
making use of the flexible, qualification pathways
that the CENZ Certificate framework makes

Certificates and Qualifications
The overseeing body of Home Schooling NZ, the Christian Education
​New Zealand Foundation Trust
(CENZ) awards three Certificates. 

     CENZ Certificate of Academic Achievement
     CENZ Level 3 Certificate
     CENZ  Level 3 Certificate with Honours 

The Certificate of Achievement may be crafted to contain whatever courses and credits a student’s future employer or tertiary trainer wants to see, and the Level 3 Certificates are a recognised university entrance standard in New Zealand.

Curriculum Options

Perhaps one of the major distinctives of HSNZ is the flexibility we can offer families when it comes to choosing curriculum.

At secondary level there are two key determining factors to consider when crafting a student's particular academic pathway - the specific academic requirements of the sector a student is looking to access (either the workplace or tertiary training) and the student's particular learning preferences.

To this end, the CENZ certificate framework is crafted to give students the maximum amount of liberty in selecting both subjects and providers. So long as a course meets the fixed academic and integrity standards required, students are free to choose and incorporate material from virtually anywhere on the globe. 

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