No matter which system you use, there is a financial cost in educating children. However, should you choose to educate at home, New Zealand is unique in that the government gives families a homeschooling allowance to offset the expense. This makes home-schooling a very viable option.
Beyond this, as a charitable trust, HSNZ does not need to make a profit from families - we simply need to cover operating expenses. Taking into account school fees, transport, books and clothing, it is therefore usually much cheaper to homeschool than to attend a regular school.

There is one-off registration payment of $150, which covers the office work involved in setting up a family. Thereafter, annual costs are estimated to be as follows. (Note that this pricing model is based on a family using a full Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) homeschooling package. However, whichever curriculum package or combination you wish to use, the costings will ultimately work out much the same.)

Annual Costs
This costing is based on an average usage of  A.C.E. PACEs, Scores Keys and the fluctuations in AUD or USD. 

1 Child    

  2 Children 

   3 or more Children
​(no limit)

Annual HSNZ Support Donation
$498, or $41.50 
per month 
$549, or $45.75 
per month
$597, or $49.75 
per month
Curriculum  Costs$675$1000$1400 (3 chn) $1800 (4 chn)
Sub total$1173$1549$1997
Less Homeschooling Allowance$743$1366$1887$2259
Less Tax Rebate on Donation$166$183$199$199

The worst-case scenario is that a full homeschooling programme will probably cost you less than
75 cents a day!

Registration Fee                                                                                     $150.00

  •  This is a once-only fee and covers all parent training material, and initial set up cost.

Support  Donations

  • HSNZ is fully funded by the support donations. As a charitable trust we are under no obligation to make a profit - we simply need to cover operational costs.
  • Donation payments are made either monthly or annually. (Note that the cost is the same however you choose to pay.) 
  • As these are donations and not fees, they are non-refundable.                      

Curriculum Costs

  • Note that you do not have to purchase all your curriculum at one time. Most families order term-by-term to spread the cost. 

The Cost

Home Schooling NZ

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