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Are you a busy parent?

When it's easier for you to teach, it's easier for them to learn.

With Home Schooling NZ you are free to be a great parent and a successful educator too.

Home Schooling NZ
takes the stress and hassle out of home schooling and allows you, the parent, to
build  life-
long, quality relationships
with each member of your family.

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"A child's sense of security and well-being is primarily rooted in the stability of his family and home."
- Dr James Dobson


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       Welcome to Home Schooling NZ

Whether you are an experienced home schooling parent or just starting out, Home Schooling NZ has the expertise and resources to make your home schooling experience a successful and rewarding time for your family.

Home Schooling NZ is a charitable trust, and has provided quality, professional educational assistance and support to thousands of parents and students throughout NZ, for more than 30 years.

Working with us, you can discover just how easy it is to establish and run a home schooling programme of the highest quality that will prepare and equip your children for the future career and calling God has chosen for them.

Join hundreds of other families around the country and discover the joy and excitement of teaching your children at home.

Working with us, you can ensure that your children will be taught "at least as regular and well as in a registered school", which is the Ministry of Education's basic requirement for a home schooling family. In fact, we are confident we can help you educate your children even better!

We invite you take a look around this website and to contact us any time for a no obligation

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Home Schooling NZ
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